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The owner of the hotel will use mountains and seafood, we will offer you seasonal ingredients carefully selected.
Dinner comes with appetizer dish, pot or steamed, small bowl, made, baked goods, fried rice, rice, soup, incense, sweets.
Please let me know in advance if there are things that you can not eat with food that you are not good with.
We will change to dishes using different ingredients.
(However, it can not correspond to allergy-friendly meal or halal food of alcohol removal)

Cooking list

  • Dinner food example

  • Special dinner for examinations Adult cuisine(All 10 items)

  • Breakfast example

  • Special element box serving for primary school students(All 8 and 9 items)

Ingredients list

  • Rockfish

  • Spring ingredients (sprouting and gooeing garlic)

  • White mushrooms