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Tourist information

Sightseeing Spots

  • Nature

    • ■Lake Misuzu

      It is 10 minutes by car from Asama Onsen.It is a quiet and scenic lake in the mountains.
      You can enjoy fishing and boating in the summer, skating and winter in the season.
    • ■Utsukushigahara Kogen

      The highest in Japan, wide and beautiful plateau.Alps Peak wonderfully,
      It is a beautiful plateau where Apine Plants bloom and compete in each of the four seasons.
    • ■Azumino

      North Alps countryside spreading at the foot of the North Alps.
      There are also many museums and places of interest that coexist with nature.
    • ■Kamikochi

      Taisho Pond that reflects the Hotaka Mountain Range, Kappa Bridge in accordance with the clear and cold Azusagawa River, Myojin Pond etc.
      Natural impression, Kamikochi.
  • Building

    • ■National Treasure Matsumoto Castle

      The castle tower where the contrast between white and black is beautiful is the oldest thing in our country.
      It is also said to be called "Crow Castle, " and its appearance with its North Alps back is elegant.
    • ■Kurobe Dam

      Japan's largest arched dam located in the middle of Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route.
      Their eyes are captivated by the size of the scale and the majesty of nature.
  • A walk

    • ■Nakasendo Kisoji·Tsumago-juku

      The atmosphere of that time flourished as a lodging town in Nakasendo.
      Nostalgic and friendly cityscapes remain.
  • Asama Onsen Ryokan Association